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Our sample transport system is the only one of its kind in the world and can be configured to suit to all laboratories.

IDS products are manufactured using a highly automated and integrated production system at our manufacturing facility in Kumamoto.
We produce products of the highest quality through a integrated management system. This manages all processes from development, design, through manufacturing, marketing and maintenance.

IDS' Strengths


We are perfecting our products,
while establishing global market share.

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Fully integrated manufacturing facility

IDS's sample transport system is the preferred choice around the world, due to its unrivalled and overwhelming versatility.

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  • New Sample Transport SystemIDS-CLAS X-1 Series
  • Pre-analytical Sample ProcessorIDS-CLAS 3600
  • Pre-analytical Sample ProcessorIDS-CLAS 2800
  • Full-Automatic Urine aliquot processorIDS-CLAS・Hr


We are ready to take on the challenge
of creating products never before seen in the world.

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