IDS' Strengths

Completely integrated productio

A truly integrated system from production through after sales support.

IDS's sample transport system continues to harnessing our extensive experience in this field, the IDS sample transport system can be connected to approximately 100 analyzer models.
Moreover, the layout can be arranged with great flexibly to suit the model and number of analyzers.

This is made possible due to our fully integrated production system, allowing us to achieve a stable supply of products, while emplying a user-oriented approach that ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

Commitment to innovation.

IDS systems are unique in that they have all been designed from scratch to meet specific customer needs.
Our product development work begins with an analysis of what tasks should be automated. We then ensure that all the required capabilities are included in the system design.
The decision not to sub contract our design and manufacturing work allows us to provide many systems that cannot be duplicated by other manufacturers.
We manage the entire process from development, manufacturing, sales and support. This allows our staff to be in close contact with our customers, and identify any opportunities for additional improvements. This can initiate a new development cycle for a system or module to address the desired improvements.

Comprehensive integrated production, Including all sub assemblies.

Our goal of “Integrated Production” are not limited to Development to Assembly. 98% of every system is manufactured in-house. This includes everything from sheet metal processing for external covers, to the precision machining of small gears for our systems.
We take pride in our “Japanese Quality” and all the expectations that go along with it. Our ability to respond quickly and with flexibility during the development and customization stages is a very important factor in our ability to provide a system that maximizes performance for a reasonable cost.
Moreover, IDS has accumulated a large amount of experience and knowledge. Therefore, as long as a system is still being used by our customers, we feel responsible to continue to provide support, regardless of the age of the system.

IDS' wide ranging in house production system